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Mount Galunggung, one of Indonesia’s many active volcanoes is located around 17 kilometers from Tasikmalaya, West Java. Its 2,168-meters-above-sea-level peak can be explored with relative ease. Galunggung’s biggest eruption was reported in 1822, releasing hot clouds more than 10 kilometers into the air and resulting in the deaths of over 4,000 people. The last eruption occurred in January 1983, which covered most of Parahyangan, West Java, in clouds of ash. The eruption forced a British Airways flight flying from Singapore to Australia to make an emergency landing in Jakarta in a celebrated feat of aviation after all the plane’s engines cut out. Since 1984, Galunggung has been open to visitors. They mostly come for the fresh air and the beautiful view of the crater lake. The crater lake can be viewed from the mountain ridge after climbing 620 steps. During safe conditions, visitors are allowed to go near the crater lake, enjoying the peace and the beauty of its walls, The highlights of the climb include the steep mound of volcanic debris around the crater, finding rare orchids that only bloom once a year and gazing at the edelweiss flowers along the way. Some locals even fish in the crater lake. How to get there From Jakarta it will take around six hours by bus to Indihiang Bus Terminal in Tasikmalaya. The ticket costs between Rp 55,000 (US$4.50) and Rp 70,000. From Bandung the bus ticket is around Rp 25,000 to Rp 30,000 and it will take about three hours to the same bus terminal. To reach the entrance of Kawasan Wisata Galunggung, you can use public transportation bus number P20 from Indihiang. The entrance fee is Rp 6,500 per person. There is another 4-kilometer walk uphill to reach the main steps. Or take an “ojek” (motorcycle taxi), which will cost you around Rp 20,000. Tips · Use proper footwear for sandy terrain. You can consider using a trekking pole to ease the journey to the crater lake. · Don't forget to bring sunglasses and a hat. · If you are interested in exploring Galunggung’s crater lake in a more knowledgeable way you can take a local guide with you. Contact Mata Bumi (via Rony Noviansyah on +62 856 2478 4548) to help you arrange a trip or visit the official Facebook account
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