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Your body goes through many changes when transitioning to a vegan diet. Usually, these are positive such as feeling more energetic, improved skin, thicker nails, a more positive attitude, etc. Other times you can feel weak, sick, or even experience such things as hair loss. There are plenty of reasons as to why you notice thinning hair (one of which may be genetics) but often this unfortunate phenomena can be fixed with diet. Here are four possible nutrients that are missing from your diet that could be causing hair thinning. Try to incorporate foods rich with these nutrients and get in the habit of taking a good multi-vitamin. 1. Zinc Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss. You get good amounts of zinc in beans, nuts, seeds, wheat bran, and wheat germ. You need 11 milligrams per day if you are an adult man and 8 milligrams per day if you are an adult women. 2. Protein A great source of proteins for vegans is found in nuts and beans. Nuts are especially important due to their high concentration of (good!) fats. This not only improves hair production, but also heart health! 3. Vitamin D Vitamin D is found in mushrooms, tofu, and other soy products. You can also absorb vitamin D from the sun! Just 10 minutes outside with the sun shining onto your eyelids (without sunglasses) will help you absorb the necessary amount of this vitamin. While this vitamin is important for hair health, it also plays a huge role in your disposition. More sunshine means a happier you! This is especially important for people who spend a lot of their time indoors. 4. Iron Many vegans struggle with iron deficiency, especially if they are transitioning to a vegan diet. Iron rich food include cereals and dark greens such as spinach or kale. Try to consume your iron with vitamin C as they work together to help your body absorb the most nutrients possible. Throw some orange slices onto your spinach salad!
so cute
A unbalanced diet can wreck havoc on your entire body!
Great to know. I should start balancing my meals. I eat way too many veggies.
I have always had a problem with iron deficiency, and it affects my body in so many ways! Paying attention to your vitamin intake is so important.
I actually had slight hair loss happen to me when I went to college because of my change in diet. I wasn't vegan, I just wasn't paying attention to getting all my vitamins. I don't think you can blame hair loss on a vegan diet at all!
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