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Emergence by Mark Dorf

One of my very favorite contemporary photograhpers is Mark Dorf. I have been following his work for years. Mark has created a new series called Emergence. Mark creates these images that have a way of forcing the viewer to create for themselves. We are shown news and spectacular ways of looking at photographs with a foundation rooted in abstract colorist paintings. Some of Mark's concepts are a bit out there, but just give his artist statement a read. I feel as though I have presented some of the more noteworthy points within his statement. This is what Mark says about Emergence: "Under condition of compulsive curiosity, humanity has an undying need to dissect and understand our surroundings. We have an obsession and an immense desire for rules that act as umbrellas to explain the whole. However, we have an inability to see and perceive this roof that is above us for it is impossible for us to remove ourselves far enough from this existence to see the entire system of which we are trying to define, for we too are an active variable in this set of complex relationships that we are striving to understand. Our calculated understanding is an abstracted version of what we see around us. In reaction to this, we continue to break our reality into smaller and smaller pieces in an attempt to again reassemble these different elements together to better understand the larger puzzle acting as an umbrella above us all: an infinite process that continues to fracture our world into tinier pieces. In my series Emergence, I explore these hyper focused actions and the reassembly of collected data."
I like the way the layers both show and obstruct the base "image." Not everything is as clear as it seems.
@amog32 Yes! Nice observation!
@asparagus As long as something in his work spoke to you then I am happy. I would say that I'm not particularly blown away by his style of execution here, but the statement brings up some thought provoking points.
@AjayRathinam This is new series of work by a contemporary photographer Mark Dorf. I presented his work and his artist statement, which is just an explanation of the work and gives meaning to his execution of the work. If you like we can discuss it! :)
His idea of rules is really interesting. I don't know if I'm a huge fan of these pieces but his statement really got me thinking.
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