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Midge Wattles is a young emerging artist coming out of New York City. Midge's photographs are extremely appealing and strangely relaxing. Primarily graphic in structure, the photographs are bound to remind the viewer of the calming moments when your vision relaxes and all that is left in viewable space is form and light. Like waking up and staring at the corner in your room in the lazy Saturday morning sunlight. Midge speaks about her work much better than I can, so here is what she has to say: "Lineage is a meditation on the spaces we drift inside of when we know a place intimately. The way a room’s geometry becomes a blank slate for our memory as we return there, day in and day out. It is the cracks, lines, and circles that collect and conceal our time there. We become part of a space when we learn the shapes that will fall into the corners and beams, onto the walls. A rhythm of light and shape, dividing one another in time."
This is so cool. I love how an interior designer would look at these rooms and see them as plain or ordinary but a photographer's eye can see so much more value to them. I especially love the sixth one. It's dramatic in a way.
@danidee I love the 6th as well, I'm happy someone pointed that one out specifically! I love how photographers can make a seemingly simple space feel so different by abstraction, it makes you wonder how many of these spaces most people pass over every day. @pixiedust Great reference! I agree Midge's photographs structure and composition really remind me of Hopper's work.
These are beautiful, and somehow a little surreal. The use of light and dark reminds me of Edward Hopper a bit.