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Red Bull agreed on to pay more than $13 million to settle a proposed class action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges fals advertising of Red Bull's energy drinks. The lawsuit is basically over the amount of caffeine in the drink itself. The suit says that a 7 oz. cup of drip coffee contains approximately 115 to 175 milligrams of caffeine, depending on the blend, and a 12 oz. serving of Starbucks coffee costs $1.85 and “would contain far more caffeine than a regular serving of Red Bull.” An 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull contains 80 milligrams of caffeine. “Even though there is a lack of genuine scientific support for a claim that Red Bull branded energy drinks provide any more benefit to a consumer than a cup of coffee, the Red Bull defendants persistently and pervasively market their product as a superior source of ‘energy’ worthy of a premium price over a cup of coffee or other sources of caffeine,” the suit says.
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@TeamWaffles But just like F1 and in the Transformers 4,we can notice what a role does Red Bull have played. I know there have a lot like it, but they can not compared with Red Bull.
@ZhuHao There are tones of extreme sports sponsors, Red Bull just happens to pay more money to get their name on more stuff.
Ouch, that can't make the company too happy haha
Nobody can replace the Red Bull,all extreme sports are sponsored by it.