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Maintaining a healthy complexion is more than having a good skin care routine through using appropriate skin care products. Having a healthy immune system is also crucial to obtain a healthy skin. After all, you are what you eat. As the season changes, our skin also goes through alterations due to the weather. This is why some people adjust their skin care products during different seasons. The environment can influence our hormone levels, which can affect our skin's metabolism. For instance, our epidermal skin shedding process will slow down and our sebaceous activity level will either increase or decrease. Which is why some people struggle with dry or oily skin. When the body's internal organ produce heat the external skin will react to it. The main key to keep to our skin and body balanced is to consume food that have clarifying and detoxifying effects. 1. Fungus (in chinese "wood ear") Fungus and other mushrooms are particularly good “detox" ingredients. It has the ability to clean our body's toxic waste, improve blood circulation and increase the rate of oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. It helps our skin's resistance and healthy complexion. 2. Honey Chinese herbalist believes honey have a "moistening" effect. This edible ingredient is rich in amino acids and polysaccharides that have endocrine function while nourishing the skin. In addition, honey contains small amount small amount of pollen substances that help assist and enhance the skin's tolerance for dust. 3. Pear Pears have the ability to clarify our lungs. especially during autumn when our body have the most internal heat which can lead to skin problems. Eating pear will prevent and improve our body balance. 4. Carrots Carrots contain β-carotene which can prevent atopic dermatitis, eczema and other skin problems. In addition, carrots are rich in fiber and it can clean intestines and maintain metabolic balance within the body. Since β-carotene is a fat-soluble substance, it is recommended to minimize the use of oil when cooking. 5. Jujube ("dates") Jujube help restores the body's vital energy. More importantly, it contains cyclic adenosine monophosphate, a material against allergens. It can help maintain and enhance the vitality of immune cells. As wells as helping the body fight against sensitive skin.
Oh you don't need to convince me to eat pears. ;)
I never knew mushrooms were good for your immune system! Great tips @stargaze!
@asparagus I've never seen dates used in baking. You have to share the recipe with us! :)
Dates are incredible. They are especially great for raw and vegan baking recipes!
Honey is definitely one of the best things for the body and soul
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