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This looks like it's going to be the biggest year yet for blockbuster inspired Halloween costumes! Here are the eight most popular Halloween costumes inspired by Hollywood hits! Frozen ● Whether you’re planning a costume for a little princess, or are a child at heart yourself, Frozen is a wonderful and wildly popular Halloween trend for 2014! You or your little one can get dolled up as Anna or Elsa with braids and a gorgeous dress, of you can dress your Prince Charming (big or small!) as Kristoff the unlikely romance! And of course lovable snowman Olaf is always a fun option! Maleficent ● Channel your inner evil queen for this enchanting Disney costume. You can try for Angelia Jolie’s stunning look, or go for the classic animated version. Either way you’ll be decked out in a stunning black dress and a crown fit for a queen! And of course don’t forget that scepter! Game of Thrones ● Not a movie but still a sensational hit, Game of Thrones is a fantastic choice for Halloween. There’s plenty of characters to choose from, both men and woman so all of your friends can join in too! My personal pick would of course be Daenerys, dragons are the best accessory a girl could ask for! Hunger Games ● Katniss Everdeen ever the strong and inspiring heroine will of course be a big his for Halloween. Bonus, you can dress in her Games gear for a super practical costume completely with layers and pockets! Or you can get creative with one of Cinna’s enchanting ensembles or even Effie Trinket’s wild signature looks! The Lego Movie ● This one takes a little more creativity but it’ll be a show stopper! Lego’s are everyone’s favorite childhood toy, and the Lego Movies are nearly as popular as the building blocks themselves. Get crafty with some cardboard boxes and the end result will be priceless! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ● Retro is so in and especially for Halloween, and with the release of their latest movie TMNT is a great costume option! Paint your face green or drop a little more cash for a full body suit costume! You’ve even got the option of the new and improved look, or the classic retro look. Spiderman ● Spiderman is a beloved here and always a classic costume. That’s to the popularity of the movies, there’s plenty of options to choose from! You can go all out with a body suit, or get creative with some Spiderman pajamas. Captain America ● Let your patriotic side shine this Halloween with American’s first superhero, Captain America! This one isn’t just for boys either, there are plenty of girl versions for every super heroine in your life—or you! What will you be dressing up for Halloween this year?
The Lego ones are pretty sweet
love the hero costumes! there's also a lot of female superheroes to choose from too if you do some digging!
@AgentCory oh wow that's wonderful! I hope I see some of these on Halloween too, I may ask my students about them since I'm not as up on superheroes as they probably are.
@pixiedust oh man uhhhhh.... so Wonder Woman obviously, Batgirl, Black Canary, Zatana, Miss Martian, Wasp, She-Hulk, and then a TON of lady X-Men, there are seriously too many to name XD
@windycitytale I loved them, such a crafty idea right? :)
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