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It's finally been done: someone has done an in-depth evaluation of just what you are wasting when you spend your money attempting to gather the pieces to wind something from McDonald's annual Monopoly game. Ok, other places have down them, but no one else has updated it with the prizes for this year yet. Allow me to showcase the most important statistics: = Average price of eligible items is $3.17. That is the number that will be used for all following stats. = To win with the following properties: :: Mediterranean Avenue: Need at least 451,666 plays to have a shot at getting a $50 gift certificate! In the process you'll likely win about $170,000 worth of prizes, but it'll result in a net loss of $1,300,000. Maybe not worth it. ::Vermont Avenue: Need at least 112,955,548 plays, but you just might win gas for a year! Never mind the net loss of $316,000,000. :: Virginia Avenue: Better get ready for 90,364,438 hash browns (or equivalent), for your very own chance at $5,000! :: Tennessee Avenue: Pretty easy with only 1,895,651 plays needed, and you just might get a Samsung Galaxy! Fun fact: the caloric value of 1,895,651 hashbrowns is enough to feed you for about 415 years in a row. :: Kentucky Avenue: Enjoy the necessary 22,591,110 plays you're likely going to need to win your very own 5-night Delta Vacation for Two! If you got that in medium fountain drinks, it would fill five and a half Olympic swimming pools. :: Ventnor Avenue: Another relatively easy one - only about 6,024,296 plays for a 50 percent shot at nabbing a Beaches Resort Vacation for your family! If you bought all your plays with bacon clubhouse sandwiches, that would only cost you about $27,049,089. :: Pennsylvania Avenue: A bit tougher, but it'll take about 225,911,096 tries for a reasonable chance at a trip in a Cessna private jet! :: Boardwalk: Approximately 451,822,158 plays needed, but you'd have a glorious chance at nabbing A MILLION DOLLARS $817,572*! (*The "million dollar" prize is misleading, because it's paid out in $50,000/year installments over 20 years, the present value of the money is much less than a million dollars once you take inflation into account.) Needless to say, it's really not worth it, unless you really love hashbrowns?
mcdonolds is nasty they try to put poison in there food
I once worked with a lady who had won the million dollar prize from this game. five years after winning she was working in a gas station because she was broke. go figure.
this is why I never believe "only for a limited time".
@EightyNine And somehow we still get excited about those kind of prizes, right?
I'll still pass! I don't think these odds are good for anyone.
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