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Did you learn how to diagram sentences when you were in school? If not, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, and think the image attached to this card is an interesting design, and nothing more, when in fact it is one of the most famous lines of literature in all time diagrammed in a visual way. Sentence diagramming has had its ups and downs: there are those that think the visual representation of the sentence is not practical for teaching students to learn logically, and there are many students that get frustrated and lost when trying to understand how to diagram a sentence. Still, there are those visual learners, those that won't grasp the syntax until it is laid out for them in a picture, who are benefited by learning how to diagram sentences. Diagramming sentences is being taught less and less, especially as common core takes over the country: what do you think? Should we let this art fade, or is it time that students all learn about sentences in one way?
@amog32 Very true; hard to disagree with that. We still have a lot of education improvements to work on.
@greggr I think it's also impossible to teach every single student, every possible way, so you have to identify a way that might work for a lot of students and adjust from there, right?
@happyrock There hasn't been, that I know of, and if there have been they haven't been on a large enough scale to be widely accepted. @amog32 You have a point, but can we always only teach what is beneficial to all? I worry that teachers will forget to go back and check on these students that otherwise might be forgotten.
Personally, I think that there are better ways to teach grammar, and that sentence diagramming should be reserved as a technique teachers can use with those students who might be more visual learners.
I learned diagramming in school, but I've totally forgotten everything except how gerunds fit into the scheme...I still remember most of my grammar structures, though, so maybe it was successful after all? I'm not sure @greggr, I can't tell if it was the diagramming that's help me or not. I guess there have been no sutdies about it?