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Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declercq, Vincent Defour, and Pierre Jury, students attending the ISART Digital animation school in Paris, have directed this new short animated movie. "L3.0" tells the story of a 'pet' robot named Leo who finds himself all alone in post-apocalyptic Paris and continues to try making contact with whatever is left of the outside world. ISART Digital is a unique art school in Paris that focuses specifically on digital arts and animation, which has guided their students into careers with a number of reputable studios including PIXAR, Ubisoft, and Blizzard Entertainment.
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Aww L3.0 is so cute!! Why was the ending so sad?!!
@sophiamor It certainly explained how the whole post-apocalyptic thing happened!
@danidee Can't they make it a happy twist? lol
@onesmile I'll be his friend. He just needs to make sure not to kill me.
@danidee No locking you up and not feeding you? We'll have to teach him first.