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Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich have created a unique wine bottle packaging called “Wine, or maybe not?” The bottles feature Marge and Homer Simpson deconstructed in the same 'neoplastic' abstraction used by Dutch modernist Piet Mondrian. According to the packaging, each bottle is dosed differently to create various flavors and has been aged since 1987, the same year 'The Simpsons' first debuted on national television. However, despite its popularity on design-oriented social media, no one is entirely sure if these bottles will ever actually be produced and for sale, or if these designers simply were creating a fun visual mock-up.
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Aged since 1987? That's going to be some strong wine...
I wonder if they kept bottles specifically for this, or if they repurposed other wines....
@EightyNine Haha yeah, I'm skeptical this wine actually exists!
just love the design
looks so nice!