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Jillian Steinhauser, a writer for the Hyperallergic art forum, recently published this article in retaliation to another opinion piece on 'how to view art' that ran in the Washington Post. According to Philip Kennicott, the author of the Washington Post article and a Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic, viewing art involves a lot of silence and a lot of pre-viewing study time. While that can be useful to an extent, I don't feel like it's necessarily practical advice nor how many contemporary artists would want you to approach their pieces in a museum or gallery. Neither, apparently, does Jillian Steinhauser. So here's a helpful little link on how to (realistically) look at an art piece - with little to no pretension! It doesn't have to be an activity reserved for people who are stuffier, older, or more 'scholarly' than you. Keep these tips in mind next time you head out to a big art event. Or even better, head over to my 'Current Art Exhibits' collection and test out your new skills on work by artists out there today!
I like the tip about not needing to remember things. I am used to being quizzed on dates and names, but when it comes to enjoying art I need to learn to not stress about remembering each detail ;)
Thanks for sharing these :) I always feel like I"m trying too hard/not enough/am not in the right mind, etc, when viewing some exhibits, but this really helps to feel a more step by step approach to viewing that should keep those thoughts at bay!
Interesting, I usually like to go to museums alone. Maybe next time I'll bring a buddy and see if I view the art differently.
@Sjeanyoon I like that one too. Art doesn't always need to be this horribly pretentious thing. The most important part of art is how you interact with it!