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Anti-Aliasing and MFAA

Here is a video from NVIDIA explaining one aspect of graphics settings. In short, due to the limitations of presenting images that are broken down into pixels, lines at an angle cannot be represented as true 'straight' lines. If you look very closely, diagonals are actually pixels forming a 'staircase' pattern. For those of you who ever played around with Microsoft Paint or Photoshop, you should know what I'm talking about.
@amog32 You are absolutely welcome....just doing my best to bring fresh, interesting content. Glad you enjoyed it!
@DanteL I'm sure you're still aware of how enthusiasts love their numbers and specs and new shiny things. It definitely remains a criteria for all those computer performance purists out there. Personally, graphic fidelity isn't a huge deal for me, but I sure love the maths behind all of it. SCIENCE!
@AgentCory Hey, no need to apologize.
Nice find, thanks for sharing @BRNKNG
I remember when this was such a big deal when comparing graphics cards. Don't know if its still a criteria anymore, I've been out of the game for too long
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Virtual Reality Lets You Hang With Totoro
British VR developers FirePanda have been hard at work the last few years. While most of the anticipation surrounding Virtual Reality has been game-centric, there are other VR developers who understand that there might be people interested in VR, but not in the gaming aspects of it. FirePanda are using VR for larger goals than just games (though they do have a game or two as well). They've used VR as an educational tool, for medical students to get some virtual hands-on practice in a RESUS room. They've also now begun rolling out little VR experiences taken directly from the films of Studio Ghibli. Check out this VR video: If you don't have any kind of VR headset like myself, this is a hard video to watch properly. The VR displays a mirrored image onto both of your eyes, hence the two displays in the video. Without the headset, this is just a strange video. But iconic. Everyone who's an anime fan has seen Totoro, and even if you haven't, you'd be familiar with the rotund spirit. So far, they have VR-d scenes from My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle. My personal favorite is the Howl's Moving Castle one, because the scene they picked is the fields outside of the house from Howl's childhood. That is definitively my favorite setting in the film, and the chance to experience it in VR is astounding to me. I don't have a VR headset yet, but if I ever get one, this is the first thing I'm gonna do. Check out all the anime VR stuff FirePanda has to offer here.