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Hello Vinglers, by now most of you are probably familiar with "Clip" and "Collections." If you're not sure what they are, read more about it here . We need your help to decide which name is better between "Scrapbooks" and "Collections." Or if you come up with any innovative term then please comment as well. Happy Vingling!
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I think scrapbook, has feminine taste to it. I think it would be better to keep it neutral. "Collection". and you can't really scrapbook music, and video.....
Scrapbook does sounds better... but I agree with rachelykim =)
collections is commonly used in this kind of things, so i think so too that scrapbooks' much better, it brings us down to memory lane...^^
really sounds good, hope to see more of this "clip & collections"...Hi! hope everybody id doing good out there...
for me I would go...collections! yeah, it sounds good too! and social,when you hear it....:)))