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Ever since I was a kid, fringe has been a guilty pleasure of mine. Fringed clothes tend to straddle the dangerous line of cute and costume, but I think this season is finally the year that designers get it right! Fringe is popping up on everything from shoes and accessories to jackets and skirts. The key to making this fun trend work for chilly weather is choosing heavier fabrics, like suede, leather, and felt. Try pairing it with darker floral prints and neutral shades like black and tan. You can even go crazy and try out cowboy boots, but again, try your best to avoid the costume-y feel. I attached some pictures of fringe-spiration!
That fringe bag is cute!
I like the patterns and cutouts of the fringe cardigan. They make the whole outfit look interesting.
Not so sure about this for my wardrobe, but the retro 70's fringe is a really fun look!
Yes! I had fringe boots last autumn! For once in my life I'm ahead of a trend haha
I don't know about the fringe jackets but I really love the bags (Target has some cute ones, FYI!)