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There’s no doubt kinetic typography is very popular these days. We’re seeing it on commercials, web videos, and music/lyric video projects (Vimeo and YouTube is flooded with these). However, kinetic typography is not as simple as creating a powerpoint with animation. It is more difficult than it may appear. It takes a balance of good fonts, timing and design principles to get a stellar looking results. Here is a 50 seconds animated typography of the hit song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams from Motion Designer, Núria Piñol. I have heard this song several times, but there is something about kinetic type accompanying the tune that makes it more “happy.” What do you think? To see more work by Núria Piñol, you can visit her Vimeo page.
I love that people are making more and more lyrics videos. I actually find that I like some of these lyrics vids more than actual music videos!
This video is the result of bringing together two elements that are catchy and vibrant. It was so effective that my only disappointment is that it didn't last long enough!
I love the song, and this is a great video to go with it! The simple but vibrant colors really enhance the mood!
@caricakes it's definitely catchy!
Really cool video but now the song is stuck in my head!