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Very few people were born and raised vegan, meaning nearly all of us had to go through some sort of transition period. For some, it was an easy switch, but for others it is a real struggle to commit to this lifestyle. I found that these six steps are great in helping with a smooth transition and can make even the biggest meat lovers see how easy it is to change their lives. 1. Meatless Monday Start your week off on the right foot! Go vegan one day a week (it's easier than you think!) It’s not too threatening as it’s only one day a week, but if everyone partook, 1.3 billion fewer animals would suffer. That’s just a little less than the population of China! 2. One Vegan Meal a Day! Step it up from one vegan day to one vegan meal PER day. Even if it's just breakfast (peanut butter toast with bananas and cinnamon!) you can make a huge impact. Eating this way will cut out 1/3 of the animal products you usually eat, but you know that you can always satisfy a craving later in the day if you feel you have to. If everyone ate this way, we’d save 3 billion animals. 3. Vegan Before 6 Getting more serious, try to be vegan before 6 o'clock. Make breakfast, lunch, and snack time all vegan and then feel free to have your usual dinner and dessert. You'll find that once you make it through most of the day without animal products, you won't crave any for dinner. Try it yourself and see! 4. Cut Out One Animal Product at a Time Start by cutting out chicken, as nearly 95 percent of the animals killed in this country are birds. That will make the biggest impact right away. Once that feels natural, cut out fish, then pig, then cow, then egg and finally dairy. Before you know it, you’ll be vegan! 5. Play Around With Your Favorite Recipes I love playing 'how can I make this vegan' with traditional recipes. Try replacing chicken with tofu or using an egg replacement when baking. It feels like a fun new experiment and you'll be learning as you go! 6. Buy a Cookbook Get some inspiration from a good vegan cookbook. You'll find delicious recipes that you want to make and you won't be tempted to use animal products! You can also find out that nearly everything can be made vegan :)
I am a pescaterian and my dad is essentially a carnivore. Ever since I stopped eating meats 8 years ago he has started to use a few of these tricks. We try to have a vegetarian dinner (occasionally with fish) at least 3 times a week!
This is just a great thing to do even if you don't ultimately become vegan. Having a 'Meatless Monday' or not eating animal products before 6 is still a great way to make an impact both nutritionally and economically/environmentally.
Hooray for Meatless Mondays!!
I'm all for Meatless Mondays! Though my meatless Mondays are usually Meatless Fridays (much less catchy haha)