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I love Halloween, and one of my favorite things to do for Halloween is create my own costumes from thrift shop finds, craft supplies, and whatever I've got hiding in the more 'shadowy' corners of my closet. Long story short, I was just browsing the interweb for some Halloween costume inspiration, and this guy is freaking ATREYU from my all-time FAVORITE movie, The Neverending Story. Not only that, he made his bike Falkor, Atreyu's luckdragon companion. I'm posting it here because I just need a moment. Falkor, you guys. Falkor.
@danidee that's such a great idea, I just can't get over it!
best movie ever....when i was a kid
@AnnaMcdearmond I know! I'm all sorts of jealous. I want a Falkor bike too.
so cool
@BikeSnob I'd imagine turning your bike into a badass dragon would make it easier for drivers to see you coming when you're supposed to be sharing the road. This could be the start of a whole movement! ;)
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