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I love a good DIY hair product, but sometimes you just want to treat yourself to a fancy conditioner or for mousse. Here are 5 awesome cruelty-free hair products to gift to your vegan friends, or yourself!! 1. JĀSÖN. This brand has amazing shampoos and conditioners that are completely cruelty-free and uses only botanical ingredients. Initially only available at health food stores like Whole Foods, you can now find this brand at select drug stores! 2. LUSH. You know that store that makes your mall smell so good? They refuse to support any company that uses animal testing. Their own brand statement says, "“we will not buy any ingredient from any manufacturer or supplier that tests anything they produce on any animals for any reason.” Try out their 'Hair Doctor' deep conditioner! 3. Giovanni Cosmetics. All cruelty free and almost all vegan! (Their lip balms and Magnetic product line are NOT) Find their conditioners, shampoos, etc at stores like Target! 4. Paul Mitchell. How can you not love this man/brand? This mega-hair care line became the first to oppose animal testing when it signed PETA’s pledge in the ’80s. Their hair spray is an actual life saver. 5. Pureology. The conditioners, shampoos, hair styling, and more from this all-vegan brand are incredible. Sadly, Pureology was recently bought by L’Oreal, which still tests on animals. The Pureology line itself currently remains 100% vegan and cruelty-free!
This is a really nice reference sheet, thank you @galinda
Awesome! I love Lush's products so much more simply because they are so adamant about being animal testing free :)
This is really good for future reference, I'll save this!
Absolutely love Lush, and I've been Jason and Giovanni in stores before. I'll definitely try them out now!
I'm not vegan, but I am definitely pro cruelty-free products!
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