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Ingredients 1/3 cup epsom salt 1 cup coffee grounds ½ cup brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon (optional... don't do this if you or the recipient have sensitive skin!) 1 cup light olive oil or coconut oil Instructions Pour the salt into a mixing bowl. If the salt is very chunky, take a pestle or the back of a large spoon and gently crush them into smaller granules to make for a smoother facial scrub. Mix in the coffee grounds and brown sugar and oil. Mix together with just a spoon until evenly combined. Transfer the mixture to a sealable air-tight jar. Use in the morning, once a week as part of your normal beauty care routine, scooping out about 2 tablespoons of the mixture and scrubbing your face with it. Rinse the oil off with hot water, then follow with cold water to close your pores.
Wow, this is really inventive. But I have some questions... 1. What is the expiration date? 2. How many servings/uses will the recipe yield? Thx!
@SarahJane wow great. Next time I make coffee I'm going to try it out thanks!
How did it work for you gals? Might give it to my gf if you all recommend it
Sounds interesting, but I'm wondering how this would be for more sensitive skin. There's a lot of exfoliation in there and my skin is pretty delicate.
Very creative! I think I've told you before (maybe?) all of my coffee scrubs were cocoa based so I cant wait to try a new one!
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