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The 90's cult sensation Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost will be returning with brand new episodes airing on Showtime! This is especially exciting because although the show was loved by fans, it never made significant ratings so it wasn't really a surprise when it got cancelled after 30 episodes. Lynch even talked about his disinterest in revisiting the series, but apparently he and Frost have been bouncing ideas back and forth and found the missing spark they needed to bring the creepy mystery back to life! Currently only nine episodes have been planned but if those do well it's likely the show will be picked up for more!
@pixiedust To me it seems more likely that people will get into it as a "new show" and then realize and learn about it's past later
@amog32 I'm hopeful that after such a long absence Lynch and Frost will have some fresh ideas and the show will be received well.
@AgentCory I certainly hope they enjoy it, I'm pretty excited myself!
I don't remember this one at all; will it be able to last?
I've never watched but but I know my parents really liked the show, they'll probably be excited to hear about this even if it's only a few episodes c: