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Nothing confirmed and no details but according to sources (the same ones that first leaked the news about the Supergirl show in production) Fox is developing a live action X-Men TV show! Hopefully official announcements are being saved for New York Comic Con and we'll have all the awesome details after that, for now it's just speculations. Honestly tho an X-Men live action show would be AWESOME! Marvel hasn't really focused on TV the last few years. Aside from Agents of SHIELD all of their work has been movies. They used to have some really awesome shows, namely X-Men: The Animated Series and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Both of those and Marvel's other animated shows were really cool, and with the success of Agents of SHIELD it's about time for another one. What I'm curious about is whether a live action show will have any connection to the X-Men movies the way AOS does to Avengers and the rest of the Marvel verse. X-Men is currently owned and produced by different people than the rest of the Avengers characters so whether X-Men will follow the same setup I'm not sure about.