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What is your morning routine like? If you're like me, you are moving at warp speed from the time your feet hit the floor until you walk out the front door (probably at least a few minutes late, right?) I have good news! Not every morning has to be this way :) Taking a little bit of time right before you (finally!) go to bed can make your life much easier when you wake up. Here are a list of things you should be doing the night before in order to simplify your morning routine: 1. Pick out what you will wear the next day from undies to shoes. Do the same with your children. Every person you are responsible for in the morning should know what he or she is wearing the next day before going to bed at night. 2. Make lunches the night before. Let preschool aged and older children help to make their lunches. Never spend your precious morning time making lunches. 3. Plan your breakfast the night before. Know what you’re having the next morning so that you can adjust your wake up time if making breakfast requires more time than usual. 4. Write your morning routine down to the minute and turn getting ready into a game. I have been known to attempt to beat my best time at getting ready in the morning :) 5. Make the next day’s to-do list before bed. This simple step will allow you to rest better, because you won’t spend the night going over the next day in your head. Dump the next day’s tasks on to paper and be done with tomorrow until tomorrow.
huh I could probably start doing some of these and be less rushed in the morning..... or just sleep longer XD either way that's a win!
Writing lists the night before has always been a great practice in my house. If we know we are going to be running around looking for something in the morning, I always take the extra 20 minutes at night to find it as well. I feel much better not having to stress over it in the morning.
@stargaze Oh geez. I try to get at least 4-6 hours in before work. Fortunately, I'm usually done well before noon, so if I need another nap, I can usually do it without missing anything important. (Still not advised, by the way!)
@danidee 3-5am? What time do you usually sleep?
I love this! I usually have to wake up anywhere from 3 - 5 AM for work, and I've become a master at finding different ways to allow myself to sleep in as late as possible.
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