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Chelsea's early season march towards the Premier League title continues as a sound Chelsea beat Arsenal. Chelsea once again packed the middle of the park to take away the speed of Alexis Sanchez, forcing Arsenal to rely on the attacking play from the wide areas of the pitch in order to get balls into the box. While Eden Hazard's run was deserving of the goal he himself claimed from the spot, it was much of the same against Arsenal as it was against Man City only a few weeks back. Jose Mourinho is a smart man who has built teams around a defensively solid foundation. This time, by forcing Arsenal out wide, Chelsea could exploit their height advantage in the box to help stifle an Arsenal side that failed to register a single shot on goal. A lovely ball from Cesc Fabregas helped Diego Costa net his ninth Premier League goal in only his seventh appearance for the Blues, who all around looked in control of the match. The two managers even got into a bit of a spat, with Arsene Wenger shoving Mourinho on the sidelines before both received a telling off from the referee. I don't expect much to come of this bar a possible fine on Wenger but it was only a testament to how frustrating Cheslea's defense could be. In the end, Chelsea sit 5 points clear with 2 very tough games behind them going into the international break. An concussion suffered by new keeper Courtois might be a concern, but Petr Czec is a very solid second choice. For Arsenal and the rest of the chasing pack, a lot of work is to be done if anyone is dethrone the Blues. Photos Courtesy: BBC Premier League Getty Images
New year, new disappointment... I really admire Wegner but I think it is time for a change voice... We are just not going to go anywhere with the same style/mentality
@spudsy2061 yea... But actually I liked Ozil a lot, and still do. It was a panic buy, but could've bought worse. Much worse.
He does have a lot of the same type of players and Ozil was such a panic buy last summer. They have a good offense but they need a more dynamic midfielder I think. Remain strong though as it could be worse. Could be a Newcastle supporter, they're having a 'mare of a season.