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This sounds like a really awesome documentary and I hope I can watch the full thing. To give you an idea it’s a research study on representations of black male comic heroes done by Jonathan Gayles who’s an associate professor of African-American Studies at Georgia State University. Gayles was a big fan of comics but noticed that there was a really big lack of characters that looked like him. On the one hand I kind of get where he’s coming from, because there’s a pretty big lack of female representation in comics and video games (the things I really enjoy) but at the same time this is something I have to recognize my ignorance and privilege on. I love comics, but because I’m white raised in a mostly white area all I ever see in comics and comic shows are the characters. I love John Stewart’s GL (not as much as Hal, but he’s a boss in his own way) and I love the new Nick Fury and I love Black Panter—they’re all awesome, but as a comic fan I never stop to think what the characters might mean on a bigger scale. Like how they represent culture or how they might make people think about what a black hero or black PERSON is supposed to be like. I really recommend taking a look at the article and checking out the full documentary c: