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Code for America is a non-profit where developers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc get together and make a difference in their communities. They build open source technology to help improve government services. I was looking through their website and found out about their Fellowship program. Basically, it is a year-long program where you work on an app or other project. Developers, designers, project managers and researchers can all apply. Some of the fellows in this programs go on to start a civic startup afterwards. Their some pretty great apps that have come out of Code for America, such as Aunt Bertha - an app that helps you find food & housing in your area. (check it out here: This is so inspiring! I never knew about all these cool projects being worked on...and by a non-profit!
@princessbri2 me too @techatheart I had no idea this existed...thanks for sharing all this info!
Love it!!!!
@princessbri2 @csgeek so glad you liked it@