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Squirrel Girl isn't a new hero, she's been around since the early 90s actually but she's being brought back in a new four issues run written by Ryan North (you know, the guy who made the Adventure Time graphic novel?!?!) and drawn by Erica Henderson. Even though she's appeared in things off and on for years, this will be her FIRST solo comic and will focus on developing her story as she moves into the world of being a grown up. The setting for the story has Doreen leaving her nanny job and setting off for adventures at college, and battling bad guys of course! c: The pictures I added are an issue cover by Erica Henderson, a variation by Art Adams, and her classic character design.
@pixiedust oh no problem, I love talking about hero stuff XD so there are heroes, well one hero, who has the power to break the forth wall and give themselves powers. deadpool is the really famous one and he can do stuff like talk to the audience reading the comic or get like random weapons and stuff. sometimes squirrel girl has the same powers, but usually she doesn't, so what she's able to do changes depending on who's writing her.
@AgentCory oh how interesting! I suppose it makes sense that some heroes would be more powerful than others, how did her powers change? I can't help but be curious, she sounds like such a creative unique heroine!
@pixiedust yeah, she's got squirrelish powers and then she can also summon squirrels. what's funny is idk how they're gonna do her powers in the new run because in the past her power level has varied alot from being kind of week to being REALLY powerful.
So is she a superhero with squirrel powers? That's such a cute idea!