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JH"If you want to tell president SEO, then tell him" MR"Now arrived ..let's take off." EG"I slept? huh what a suprise, I slept in someone's car." EG"Let's meet again..I'm suddenly interested in you... tomorrow and also the day after tomorrow" -Preview- "Did I say to you I'm dying to see you?" "I'm now meeting with him" ( his father pours water) "Do you want some money? you only live once. you can also live high on the hog on the assets!" "Bring your self. Let's go to win against everyone." "Maybe JH, she doesn't betry me." "noona, Are you crazy, so I will bring you back to me." Noona means in Korea, we just say a woman who is older than you, say Noona :) Maybe JH is older than him.
that song's title is 사랑은 눈꽃처럼, but actually this allbum doesn't be released yet, it will be revealed on 26th,September. but you can hear it by this page http://blog.naver.com/fruit565?Redirect=Log&logNo=140168638415
Where i can download last music?