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Andrew Aude, a student developer at Stanford, hacked Facebook Messenger and found out that are trying to compete with Square and allow users to make mobile payments. Man, if Facebook gets involved with mobile payments, then what's next?! Not too long ago FB hired Paypal's former president...maybe this is all related. If this feature came out, I think I would not use it...or at least I'd be hesitant...
Facebook seems like they want to take over the internet...
@DanteL People are always saying it's going to be google to take over the net, but I'm not so sure....
wooooo. cool that a stanford student was able to hack and find this
@DanteL i know... so scary. I've deleted the app from my phone because I don't want it to take over my life :/
This is why I don't keep any important information computer or smartphone.