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Must watch if you haven't seen it! Truly an inspirational speech by Emma Watson.
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she's really a wonderful speaker, and the speech is awesome!
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@AgentCory I couldn't agree more! :)
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She's fantastic!
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@Arissa thank you for sharing this! I watched it a while back and I really love her message reaching out to men and urging women to stay away from "man-hating" and instead aim for solidarity. I know many men who practice equality and respect for women in their everyday lives and believe in gender equality - nothing can change if we aren't all in it together! I also agree that empathy with the gender stereotypes men also deal with can only help us all be more understanding and ready to promote each other's rights.
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@ worddoctor it was my pleasure sharing this馃槉馃憤! I wanted it to reach as many audience as possible. I couldn't agree more with your comments above馃槑
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