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Lakemaid Beer is brought to you by the Lakemaids, 12 unique lady-fish that provide a different experience for all! This commercial tells you all about the beer, scroll the images to find out more about the Lakemaids, and read below to hear all about their personalities. Reminds me of some fish I've gone after one or two times.... MISS WALLEYE: The walleye is beloved by anglers throughout the north for her finicky taste, light bite and pure white flesh. But be patient, friends. After sundown is perhaps your best chance for a slow dance with Miss Walleye. MISS LARGEMOUTH BASS: An explosive fighter sure to give you some lip, this big gal is an old favorite among Northern anglers. She prefers pretty shiny things, but has a down-to-earth side anglers find impossible to resist. MISS MUSKIE: The sullen, predatory temperament of this colossla beauty is the stuff of Northwood's legend. Beguiling, fierce and elusive, Miss Muski is the undoubted prize of freshwater angling. MISS CRAPPIE: Highly regarded by anglers far and wide for her spirited personality, willing bite, and white flesh, Miss Crappie is a keeper in every sense of the word. MISS NORTHERN PIKE: Always ready for some action, this svelte beauty lays quietly in the weeds waiting to strike. Present her with something flashy and she'll quickly rouse from vegetative cover to cajole you with a toothy smirk. MISS PERCH: For as long as anyone cares to remember, anglers have been drawn to her brassy greens, dusky bars and pure white flesh. Hey mystical allure is enough to make any angler want to cozy up after a long day on the water. MISS SALMON: Strong willed and ready to fight, Miss Salmon is notorious for breaking rods, reels and the hearts of lesser fisherman. Wherever water is deep and line peels, you'll find Miss Salmon. MISS SMALLMOUTH BASS: Admired for her toughness, quick temper and pugnacious nature, this little lady loves to rumble. She prefers cool, rocky waters and walloping baits with the cold-hearted gusto of a surly prizefighter. MISS STURGEON: Miss Sturgeon is as mysterious as the waters she calls home are deep. If curiosity compels you to seek her out, search the cool deep waters up North and you might find her. Just don't bet the icehouse on it. MISS SUNFISH: If there's one thing Miss Sunfish is always up for, it's a good time. No wonder anglers love her. They can't resist the playful way this sun-kissed cutie gently tugs their bobbers. MISS RAINBOW TROUT: Every year, anglers flock to stream and creek in pursuit of this majestic silvery creature. It's been said that Miss Rainbow Trout is particularly fond of men in waders. Just saying. MISS CATFISH: Miss Catfish loves two things: eating and taking mud baths at the Lake Bottom Spa. But don't confuse her love of food and relaxation with laziness. She'll fight you tooth and nail when disturbed.
I don't know guys, I'm pretty alright with it!
@spudd There had to be some sort of alcohol or something involved, you're right
they cant tell me no one was high when they came up with this idea
Well the jingle's certainly catchy.
How about no....
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