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This is such an awesome find. As someone who travels abroad often, I always make it a point to learn how so explain my diet to others in the native language. To be sure that your point is made, especially if like me your inability to pronounce foreign languages makes it hard for others to understand you, here are some cards that you can print out and hand to people to explain your diet. This is invaluable when going out to eat where you don't know how they prepare the food. There are 83 languages on the PDF so hopefully where ever you go is covered :) Happy travels! Here you go:
This is fantastic! What a find!!
@danidee Awesome!
Awesome! These reference cards are great!
I love this! I just showed it to my sister. She loves traveling, but as a vegan, it can be a bit limiting!
This is so awesome! Whoever took the time to make this is a life saver!
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