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Mike Kiefer has spent most of his adult life doing what he calls "a thing of the past:" building wooden boats by hand. This art hails back thousands of years, but he says wooden boats will never be mainstream again. He has made boats for movies like Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (the row boats seen off the Black Pearl are his) and has found enough of a client list to keep himself living a decent life since his 20s. When you look at the beauty of these vessels, you have to hope that the right people, with the right resources, will keep supporting this art. The Great Lakes Boat Building Company, owned by Mike, also works to educate others in the art of wooden boat building: let's hope it never dies.
Is this shot with Red Epic? @yakwithalan
You can really just tell that he loves making boats, and that he's good at it. I think I'll think of him everytime I watch pirates of the caribbean now....