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Dubai Police To Wear Google Glass To ID Criminals
Dubai police are innovating the way they will be able to identify criminals. The police force has created a custom-made software that will allow the officers to synchronize a person's face with their criminal database. The city is going to start equipping officers with Glass so they can use facial recognition to look for wanted criminals. This is such an awesome innovation and if it works properly I believe it will be tremendously helpful it assisting police officers around the world in identifying and obtaining wanted criminals. We are getting closer and closer to the age of the terminator, and it's kind of exciting.
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@amog32 Definitely Big Brother-esque. Cool but scary.
3 years ago·Reply
Is Dubai even real? I can't believe half the things that happen there lol
3 years ago·Reply
Dubai, they are always ahead of the fashion and technology.
3 years ago·Reply
This is so cool but scary at the same time!
3 years ago·Reply
Greater technology requires greater regulation. This could be misused in so many ways.
3 years ago·Reply