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*I promise to post individual pics of EVERYTHING.* Imagine, if you will, a time and place where people are still nice just to be nice, treasures can still be found in dusty garages and a weekend drive can turn into a lifetime memory. You stop to a yard sale, the old lady running the sale notices your Hello Kitty glasses and mentions that her daughter used to like HK. You get that tingle in your tummy, "Have I stumbled across something?" you think. As you return to reality, the old lady is digging in boxes in the back of the garage. You overhear "I think my daughter left a few of her Kitty things here. Its only a few things, but maybe you would like them." She then brings out a covered crate, not expecting much you open the crate to find an awesome assortment of Hello Kitty toys, books, plushies and Valentines cards. "How much?" you ask, imagining an absurd number. "Just take it, the crate too. Its just getting ruined in my garage and you seem to like that kitty character a lot." "Seriously!?!" I smiled all the way home. I haven't even gotten through everything. It seems like there is a ton of McDonald's Happy Meal toys (unopened), Valentine's Day Cards, uncolored coloring books, children's books and miscellaneous other things.
whoa that's awesome! I can't wait to what all you got in the crate, that's a real score!
Got through it all, it was crazy!