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Derrick Rose vs. John Wall. Who is the better Adidas athlete?
@goyo I don't disagree that Wall is getting better. His numbers are comparable. But Wall can't drive like Rose can. The whole defense knows Rose is coming and yet they still couldn't stop him. I would argue Rose still has the quicker first step but Wall definitely does not have the ability that Rose had at changing directions with the ball. That was just filthy and I don't think anyone in the NBA had that ability to change directions going that quickly. I guess it was just a matter of time before his knees gave him problems.
@eightynine but Wall is simply just getting better. if he ever learns to finish around the basket consistently, he will be nearly unstoppable as well. his first step is as fast as Rose's (pre-injury)
@Goyo sad because Rose probably isn't even in the comparison anymore due to his injury. Seems like he'll never have that initial explosiveness again. Wall might be the better defender but Rose was simply unstoppable at getting to the basket. THe BUlls used so few possessions but it didn't matter because the opponents couldn't stop him.
@eightynine why is that sad? I mean Wall is a pretty good player, and while I do hope that Rose comes back strong, I am not sure that a 100% Rose would be better than Wall next year. Remember Wall is a ferocious defender
Sad to say but it looks like Wall may be the better player now