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Hi~ This is SO YOON:) Let's see what happens today :) +EP1 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/49670 +EP2 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50318 +EP3 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/51050 +EP4 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52059 CHARACTERS Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Lee yu bi as Gang choco Lee sang yeop as Park jun ha EP5 starts ! Right now! Stay turned for this EP5 It's like advertisements kkkkk MR is going to somewhere recollecting about happening with JH. Actually she gets angry about MR Ann who is JH's side, meets MR. He compared with this situation as animals. It means you have to leave JH but in final scene he says he will go together forever.. even though it is unwise. JH I have a goal, I will arrive there whatever.. in some way or other if someone gets in my way, I will never forgive. JH takes a step to sell AMMR resort smoothly. On the paper, don't interupt me. Don't knock the door until 10P.M.(it is written in Korean and Japanese kkk if you understand one of them, you don't need me right? :)) So he waits in front of her house. MR hey but EG sleeps throughly. In her room, he checks what she did until now. It is about the way to get funds, even not selling AMMR resort. He calls JG who majored in management in the university. JG gets angry it is dawn !! but MR says I will introduce the pretty girl. kkk JG changes his mind and explains how to read finance chart. MR thinks that the girl who she met a long time ago, told him the tips about investment. MR tries to find the way to solve this problem. MR wakes her up. throw away in the pool wow... Before to fight them, Let's eat something says MR. EG how could you come here? MR I took a air plane ... and taxi ? try something.. you look hungry. MR explains the way to solve this problem. EG is shocked how could you solve this problem? MR actually my infrastracture is so rich and my head is really smart it takes too long time to list my things. MR supports EG, you have to beat everyone. Ann says to JH that EG find the way, EG says just stop everything before I arrive there. JH says do I have to obey her order ? put the contract about the resort forward In the conference room, She is hurry to go there. When she arrived in the home, the contract was already done. EG I said that stop all the things before I arrive there. You can't hear? JH I didn't hear. EG gets angry and tears all the contract papaer. She maintains this contract is invalied ! JH slaps on her face. She explains that I'm your mother. your father wants to sell this resort more than me, becasue he wants to delete all the memories with your original mother. She says to Ann, From when did you be a servant for JH? She talks bad words to him. The phone is ringing :) MR requires her that he wants to talk with Rechard, the president of the company. He threaten him about his past such as evil deeds about management and he polluted the environment.to get profit... With the help of MR, this contract is canceled. With JG and his girl friend. CC says it is forbidden, in this cafe there are people who age ranges 0 to 100. So please avoid excessive skinship. Someone says to JG " hey young gentleman, the son of the president" The man says " your father becomes old and sick.. please come back to company.. " JG"I will never go back.. you know, my father is CEO of the company that make fake, and he exploitated foreign workers cruelly. And you mean, i will be a person like him? I never. If you meet me again, please ignore me. And you know that? I changed my surname. i'm OH jae gil, not park jae gil" She does something sly to bother CC. The girl friend says CC stole my bracelet that over 1 billion.." JG chages his face and says go away. He says I know CC can bite your arm.. and call you middled aged woman but I know she never steal anything, I'm sure Unless you go away, then I will leave you. The President SEO says, if...if... everyone around EG leave for her side, even me,, I hope you keep her as a protector.... even though it is difficult.. it is my plead. The lawyer, I will do that ..I will never leave her. He keeps investigating about JH and her past. EG tries to make up ,, but it is difficult for her..she asks for someone who make up well. JH calls to MR. I think we have to meet.. MR i have a appointment sorry. I don't have anything to be heard. JH Please it takes just 10 minutes. In the bridge. MR i will give you exact 10 minutes JH Who makes you like this cruel man.. yes i know it is me.... you was a really warm hearted man... MR-3minutes over.. EG waits MR MR-9minutes over. JH i wonder what is in the underwater... I want to enter there... MR 10 minutes.. I will go JH Don't go to EG please.... don't go The sound of falling out the water.. MR noona !!!!!!!!!!!!! MR saves her life.. and EG still wait him... He did emegency aid to her.. EG calls to him.. but no one is answer. The lawyer who is in EG's side, he check the CCTV and find the scene that JH kissed with Ann. JH Just to be sure,,, you don't forget me.. right? MR What ? JH Then why do you save me like the waste..I will go back to you,, I will return to you.. MR gets angry what is your bottom..my life that I was all- in at you.. at that time.. is really unfair now.. He forgot the meeting with EG actually they met 3 hours after the calling but time past a lot. MR runs to her. MR why are you waiting until now? what do you do unless I come here? EG then I wait for you until you come here. I know you're a person who come here certainly. oooops... and they kiss :) The sightseeing is really great. Finish :) The preview will upload by another card hehehe Today's story.. the kiss scene is hightlight >///< I think What about you ? Anyway see you tomorrow everyone :)
the man innocent i wash this drama and so romancie he and she is so good looking and this award so magnific i hope review this drama 10kz
now, i'm prefer nice guy than arang.. but i still like arang.. :):)
mdemOiselle28 hehehehe have a great thanks giving day :)
nylamrehs you're welcome hehehehe
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