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Ep.9 Recap www.vingle.net/posts/50174 Ep.9 with Eng Sub www.vingle.net/posts/50390 Ep.10 Recap www.vingle.net/posts/50319 Ep.11 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50515 Ep.12 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52076 Ep. 13 Eng Sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/54992 Last time, EO said his feeling to AR. But she refused it saying she doesn't like you and stop feeling that way. AR turned back but EO siezed her and said he's not gonna stop. Are they gonna be in relationship?! EO says "U said that u're the one who follow your heart." AR says "What's the relation with that saying? U wanna know my heart? I feel nothing about you, so don't feel so u too." EO says "This is last time. Is that ur true heart?" AR says "Yes." EO lets her go, feeling disappointed. Next morning as EO walks by, everyone says "Thank you so much." EO says "U don't have to feel thankful just for sharing rice for you." EO gives AR shoes. "Don't be afraid, AR. Be comfortable. I know what u r thinking about. I told you I'm gonna send you to heaven. I'm gonna do only that. U have to dressed up to go to heaven beautifully. Before you go, tell me what u wanna eat and wear. I'm gonna do anything for you." AR says "Really? I wanna eat peach everyday, and 3 meals a day." BW feels sorry for telling DS truth about AR. BW says "The real intention of the amulet is to hide from heaven. That's why ghost also can't go through this amulet. So, ghost can't go out but at the same time can't go in." AR asks "Btw, I couldn't see any ghost in JW's home." BW says "Then, maybe someone eliminated all ghosts." Choi Lord feel angry about AR and EO. He wonder why HR don't let him to touch AR, cuz she died. Choi Lord's servant says he checked her death. Choi Lord thinks he've seen AR before. Then he came to realize AR was lady in the past. Servants is checking the situation what they have to do to be looked good to JW. AR says "I'm afraid of knowing truth of my death." EO says "It doesn't matter. The thing you do is just to go to heaven. I will make you to do so." BW says "It takes too much time to make amulet against the one which hide from heaven." EO says "Let's just steal a glance." MY says "Now I understand. When you acknowledge that I'm person in heaven, u didn't let me to feel any feeling which people have. Now I'm not gonna feel anything." SJ says "If you realized that, u must kill her. There's only one chance. The reasone that only you can kill her is because you're her relative. Only the strong can kill her." YR says "You don't have to worry about MY. I'm gonna bet that MY would cacth Mu Yeon." AR says "If I can be on roof, I can see everything about the amulet." EO says "Just go over there and stay silent." HR feels someonce came in her territory. While she goes to who came in, she met with MY. She says "It's been a long time. I wanted to be perfect human. If you helped me in heaven, I could be the one. But you ruined it. You brought me to SJ. And you didn't do anything even when I was kicked out from heaven." MY says "Because of that, I disturbed you to become human. You're so selfish right now. You're killing so many people to live forever." HR says "I'm not gonna do anything. So hurt me and prove yourself as faithful servant. It's not the time to meet you, but I was urgent to see AR. AR is good prey to catch me absolutely. Tell it to SJ and YR." EO comes to come in HR's secret place. He's confused seeing the place. He wonder what Choi Lord does. JW see AR and asks what she's doing here. He says "You must not be here. Let's go. Don't walk away from me." Then HR comes. She asks "Who's the girl?" JW says "Go in now." HR says "Sure. I'm JW's mother. Someday visit our home. U look so beautiful." AR asks to EO "What's the stuff?" EO says "I don't know. Let's go." HR says "How you brought her here? Did you finally decide your mind? I helped you cuz u're different. Everyone wanted so many things for me, but you didn't. U sais that u just wanna live well without being ingnored. Good home, good mom. good family..So I gave you chance for you to call me as mom, but I felt sorry a little bit cuz you really didn't want alot. Then now you wanna have AR who I despesrately need? She's mine. How dare you..!" EO and AR woder what's the stuff. It's not opened. She goes to sleep, and EO says "I feel ok even if I don't see someone. But I don't feel fine when it comes to you." MY says "I'm gonna do again. This time I can do." But SJ says "Don't do that. This time AR would feel dissapointed for a long time." MY asks "EO has your stuff. Who's the guy? Is he the one which was prepared in the case I'm gonna fail? But you told me only relative can kill HR. Then, is body which Mu Yeon in is EO's mom?" BW says "How I know the jail? I feel nothing." EO says "I want you to find out ASAP. I don't have much time." Servants come to AR and says "This is special drink with apple. How does it taste? Btw, did u decide which side are you gonna stand? JW or EO?" AR sees DS and says "I feel sorry. I understand u've got angry, but don't behave like that in front of EO. He depends on you a lot." DS says "What can I do? He's falling for you. He's not like that originally. He deosn't care about others' stuff. But now he's changed." AR says "Soon I will go back to heaven. So wait a few days. I'm gonna give EO back to you." EO says to DS "Do you know who's AR? She's the one that you tried to protect. She has thing to do while she came back as human. U know that I don't care about others. I'm changed you like you said. I didn't fall in love with AR. It's just first time for me to care about other person. Recently I feel that u're better than me. U tried to protect person u don't know, but I came to know the feeling now. U're the one who really needs to me magistrater." DS says "Ok, I'm not gonna complain about AR. So don't worry anymore." DS talks alone "He's totally into AR." EO orders to observe Choi Lord. He says "I decided to be friendly with him." Servants say "Good decision. We've been so hard to look at the situation. Choi Lord is not person here originally. Well it looks like the home which Choi lives is good. Cuz before he lives there, another person of influence lived there. Ur father hurt Choi Lord a long time ago. That was reason for Choi and us couldn't treat you bad." JW reminds of HR's saying that he wanna live as human with good home, good family, good meals. EO thinks 'Then my father knew more about Choi than I do?' AR says "Why you don't see me at all?" EO says "I saw you're holding JW's hands. I tried to ignore my feeling, but after seeing that I couldn't do so anymore. So I didn't know what to do. That's reason I tried to avoid you. It's so complicated." JW says to AR "Do you have time to talk with me?" EO says "I can't let you. Get off cuz I can't allow it." Preview of Ep.14) EO orders to AR "go" He says "I'm gonna hug you when I wanna from now on." In the meanwhile, HR came to know that EO knows about the amulet. She's thinking of eliminating JW and EO. And HR tries to get AR by sending her servants. EO tries to protect AR, fighting with them. But he seems to be in danger.
@cayu18 yeah he's so sweet x)
@dontpanik maybe AR knows that she gotta back to heaven..so sad :(
no wonder EO was hiding his heart behind such a huge wall he is a total romantic softy awwww.
what a great episode. the one week feels decade of waiting seems worth it?!! haha. thank you for the recap. cant wait to watch it with english sub. Eun Oh, you re such a great man, fighting!!!
EO is too sweet.. :') AR avoids EO because she knows in the end she will leave him alone. :'(
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