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Why women leave tech: It's the culture, not because 'math is hard'
There's so many articles out there talking about the gender gap in technology and it feels like it will never be solved. This article talks about the struggles successful women face already working in the tech field. The common problem is juggling motherhood and work. Specifically, companies that either have no maternity leave or very short leaves that make women feel like they can't handle both at once. "Of the 716 women surveyed, 465 are not working today. Two-hundred-fifty-one are employed in non-tech jobs, and 45 of those are running their own companies. A whopping 625 women say they have no plans to return to tech. Only 22—that’s 3%—say they would definitely like to." It's so upsetting that successful women leave their jobs and never return :(
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@sophiamor so saddening :(
3 years ago·Reply
Wow very surprising numbers
3 years ago·Reply
I hope we're able to figure out ways to change things. That's a real shame.
3 years ago·Reply
@danidee ditto...this needs to change
3 years ago·Reply
@csgeek @danidee @EightyNine yes! hopefully things will change for women in the next couple of years
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