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Schalke 04 announced today that their new manager will be Roberto Di Matteo. Yes that cool, level-headed, down-to-earth, Di Matteo who is very easy to like. This is Di Matteo's first venture into management since Chelsea let him go in 2012 and certainly it will be interesting to see how he transforms a Schalke side sitting 11th in the table. Certainly his managerial style can deliver Europa League football to the club, and I would expect to see Schalke to be higher up the table in a month or two's time. One thing is for sure, it will liven the Bundesliga and help deepen an already very competitive league.
@Goyo Agreed although I'm not much of a Diego Simone fan. Loving Villareal 2nd though, and so far La Liga and the Bundesliga being top heavy only works to their advantage as they go deeper into the Champions League. Will be interesting to see how Dortmund recover in the mean time. 13th place for now but a loss in their next game could put them into a worrying position.
@spudsy2061 I think that as far as entertainment value, there is no doubt the EPL is the best... But that is because La Liga and the Bundesliga are so top heavy... This is why i was so pleased to see Athletico make it to the finals of last year's Champions
Honestly I think the Premier League is the best league but the Bundesliga is not that far behind. It's weird because I don't think that will translate to the Champions League as Barca, Real Madrid, & Bayern probably have the edge over the English clubs but in terms of entertainment value I strongly think it's the Premier League.
@spudsy2061 I just had a conversation about this... My cousins still insist that La Liga is the best league in Europe. Would you agree? I personally am leaning towards the Bundesliga