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On DSLR cameras, there is a feature called white called white balance. You can use other presets to suit your lighting situation. Memorizing the Kelvin scale will be helpful for determining the coolness and warmness of your image. Lowering the number will cool your image, increasing it will make it warmer. The standard setting is automatic, but learning how to create your own custom white balance in your photography can make the difference of turning blue-toned photograph into one that reads the color correctly. Auto Balance The standard setting on DSLR. Also a simple safe mod for snapshots, but the white balance may vary from one shot to the next. Hence, you may not get the colors you expect. Tungsten/Incandescent This is the closes match for regular domestic lighting, and will correct the color much more effectively than auto White Balance. Fluorescent This comes in many different types, so some trial and error may be needed. Direct Sunlight Calibrated to give neutral colors under midday sun - and you can use it as a fixed standard for recording colors as in other lighting conditions exactly as they are. Cloudy Light has cooler tone under a cloudy sky, and this preset will warm up the colors. It’s good for portraits but can be too much for landscapes. Shade This is designed for open shade under a blue sky. This preset will give you more natural-looking skin tones. Flash This have a cooler tone than direct sunlight, and using this present an prevent skin tones turning “cold”. Custom White Balance This is where you decide your white balance and override what the camera thinks in terms of deterring what white is white in the image. This will also adjust all the colors to read accurately. How do you set a custom white balance? 1. Find something white in the same light where you are photographing and take a photo of it. The image doesn’t have to be in focus, but you want it to mostly fill the frame and not be overexposed. 2. Go into your MENU and select CUSTOM WB. 3. Select the image you just created by pressing the SET button. It’s the button in the middle bi dial by your right thumb. 4. Now set your Camera WB setting to the Custom Icon That was easy right? Just remember to update your white balance settings if you move into a different lighting situation.
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