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The more I research about yoga's affects on stress levels, the more that I see that meditation is the key to success. While poses can relieve physical stress from your muscles and teach you to control your breath, it is the mindset that holds all of the benefits. Clearing your mind of the outside world - all the worries, pressing tasks, and desires you deal with daily - relieve an incredible amount of stress and pressure from your mind. With your mind lighter, you body will respond in the same way. Clearing your mind is no easy task, and that is exactly why yoga is called a 'practice.' It takes time to learn to control your thoughts, but the higher your level of concentration gets, the easier it will become. First and foremost, focus on your breathing. Breath in deeply (and loudly!) through your nose and pause at the top of your breath. Hold this for a moment and then exhale fully (again, loudly!) through your mouth until you feel the bottom of your breath. Focusing solely on your breathing will give your mind a point to revolve around, letting other thoughts fade away. Once this has been conquered, you can try to meditate in these three simple poses: Child's Pose: Forward Bend: Corpse Pose:
I love doing yoga I'm in yoga class butt I don't like it because it was too much people because I have anxiety and also there weren't a lot of spices and I also need my own space I feel the same way about breathing in the group it's not so weird but once you breathe with someone else like you and that person then it's weird and awkward
Yoga is the best way to start and end a day.
Every time I read about yoga on Vingle, it brings me closer and closer to actually going to a class. I have a horrible time with stress and anxiety, and this seems like it's certainly worth the effort.
It actually took me a really long time to get used to people who got really into the class like that @galinda but now I love it!
I love when I'm in a group class and people aren't afraid to do the deep yoga breaths. It encourages the whole class to really go for it!
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