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Shocking news, apparently Stephen Collins who played the loving dad and local pastor on 7th Heaven is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault of a minor. According to the article Collins was under investigation previously and the police are now in possession of an audio tape where Collins confesses to the crime, as well as others. This is both shocking and disturbing, I can remember watching 7th Heaven when I was younger and it's horrible to learn something like this about one of the actors. I can't even begin to imagine what the victims and their families went through, and are going through again now that this is all over the news. No charges have been filed yet, but according to NY Daily News Collins has resigned from the Board of the Screen Actors Guild and been taken off of Ted 2.
@PaigeLovelace me too, I really loved the show and the lessons it taught about values. It's such a shame. Did you ever watch it?
This is very sad to me.