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International super model Kiko Mizuhara and K-pop star G-Dragon have had their fair share of scandals in the past. While neither of them will admit to being in a relationship, the rumors of their close friendship being more than that of friends has been circling for years. Recently, Dispatch found the two on a date with friends in Seoul that turned into a photo shoot of sorts. It will be interesting to see how YG responds to this one, when they are so clearly romantically involved. Personally, I love Kiko and hope that if they are actually together that they are happy and stress-free :)
@kpopandkimchi I hope too coz ppl should understand celebrities human too need love, family and their own stuff
@christy and @kpopandkimchi I agree with both of you! GD deserves a happy life and someone he can share it with!! :D
@christy Me too, I hope that she doesn't get too much hate from GD fans :( She's really awesome!
ooooh I like this couple kiko and GD