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Alright, if you doubt Ailee's talent in any way (how could you?!) this is the track that is going to convince you that she's a powerhouse. Her vocals are unmatched and the fact that she conquers this song proves it! She's Queen Ailee for a reason!
Hahaha hahahaha JR'S face the whole time he looks like he just can't comprehend how well she is singing haha. but omg like wow. she is as good as Whitney. like this is the best cover I've seen. wow she's so talented. like it gave me chills and only Whitney singing this song has been able to do that.
i love her she is definitely the best a powerpack perfect performance and definitely one of the best cover i ever heard of whitney houston best track :-)
@Nisfit She's incredible! You should check out more by her!
Whoa, I totally don't know who this is but this is an amazing cover!!