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Her deep, husky voice suits the song in her audition for Starship Entertainment. Yes, her AUDITION tape. In addition, she has the passion and power behind each note she belts out, but can instantly go for a softer sound as soon as the song warrants it, showing her versatility as a singer.
So good! I know a lot of my friends didn't like her solo album so much but I loved it. Especially her songs with Dok2 and Mad Clown.
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Whoa she's amazing!! This was even before her training!
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Wow, absolutely amazing, she has such a perfect voice!
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I didn't expect much but wow. Truly amazing. Not everyone can do Christina Aguilera.
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@PurpleDragon Right? I feel like I have a whole new respect for Hyorin. The only time I'm comfortable singing Xtina is in the shower when no one can hear me,
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