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There's hope for us guys...!! Popular tvN drama ‘Reply 1997‘ ended this past 18th, leaving many fans unhappy, but the producers have already started thinking about creating a second season. While there are no solid plans as of yet, the producers have been discussing a second season of ‘Reply 1997′ as they believe that the creation of a another season should not be too difficult. It has not yet been decided whether the second season will take place in 1997 or a different era. Producers Shin Won Ho and Lee Myung Han discussed the possibilities of a second season, as Lee Myung Han stated, “We’ve been thinking quite a lot about a second season of ’Reply 1997′. Before ‘Reply 1997′ was even created, there were thoughts on a different plot, so it should not be too difficult. We are thinking about producing the second season next year.” Shin Won Ho PD stated, “While I’m not sure what direction the second season will go, we have been deep in discussion with writer Lee Woo Jung. But this does not mean we’re going to just make a new drama without much thought. Creating a new show that does not live up to the first season could instead harm the popularity of the first season. I understand that fans and viewers do not want this either.” He continued, “We hope to come back with a second season that has a concept that can capture the popularity of the first season.” * good news~!!!*
yes..yes.. please tell them to make a season 2
great news!
by next year...wow, hope that it will push through!!