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It was a drama that took us on a fun ride to the past. TvN′s Reply 1997 reached the end of its road after presenting its viewers with loads of past childhood memories. The drama started up its time machine in July with its first episode ′Eighteen′, and started to unpack the story behind the 33 year old characters talking about how it was back in the year 1997. It took viewers back to Busan in the 1990s, setting them in the shoes of the big H.O.T. fan Si Won (Jung Eun Ji) or those of the other high school characters who surrounded her. ′Reply 1997′s′ version of ′Love Actually′: from first love to family Reply 1997 in the end managed to speak of all the kinds of love there are in the world. The episodes that at first didn′t seem to be related to each other finally all merged together under the one theme of ′love′. Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) and Si Won in the end managed to bring their relationship as childhood friends to a whole new level by becoming husband and wife. They lived the same age, shared the same memories and grew older together. On the other hand the story of the high school sweethearts Hak Chan (Eun Ji Won) and Yoo Jung (Shin So Yul) looked ordinary on the outside, but was thoroughly dramatic on the inside. These two couples provided the guide of the era to how love is for men and how it is for women. Outside of these couples, Jun Hee (Hoya), with his big secret, showed his feelings toward Yoon Jae by yielding and stepping back for his love, and this consideration was why his first love was so beautiful. Family love was also another element that couldn′t be left out of this drama. Si Won′s father (Sung Dong Il) had been admitted to the hospital after he was diagnosed with cancer. At this Si Won′s mother (Lee Il Hwa) became pained even at the sight of a character in a drama dying of cancer, and demanded the screenwriter of the drama change the ending of the drama by directly calling the writer up herself. The scene where she turned to pleading in tears over the phone was especially strong enough to warm the hearts of viewers watching on with her love toward her family. The brotherly love between the parentless Tae Woong (Song Jong Ho) and Yoon Jae, with which they overcame their conflicts of love, was another type of love that appeared in the drama. Other than these strong themes, the little things, like how the father kept scolding his daughter yet couldn′t hide how much he loved her and how Bang Sung Jae (Lee Si Eon), who was serving as a public service worker, visited the home of an elderly woman who lived alone deep in the woods, showed there were other types of love out there. Reply 1997, which had started off as the story of the crazy fan Si Won, had become a Love Actually full of the love stories of so many different people, from married couples to fathers and daughters, brothers, friends and lovers. Did your 1997 reply back? ′Nostalgia′ was a keyword that couldn′t be left out when talking about Reply 1997. The old-school songs that kept playing in the background, the memorable items and mentions of the issues of the 90s were some of the most entertaining points of the drama. The drama gathered issues with every episode by using such items as pagers, damagochis and specific brands such as Eastpak to bring back memories. It also made its viewers feel like they really had gone back in time on a time machine by showing accurately what fan culture was like back then with H.O.T. posters, VCRs, fan fiction and concert tickets. The days of the 90s that kept coming back with every episode were memories translated into reality again. For example, in the episodes aired on August 28, episode 11 and 12, the cyber singer Adam, the faceless singer Jo Sung Mo and the popular section ′Comparison End to End′ of SBS′ TV show Good Friends drew attention. The mangas Audition by Chon Kye Young and Ping Pong Club, which were popular in those days, also drew smiles from viewers everywhere. Most of the reactions from viewers on Reply 1997 were centered on nostalgia and memories. Memories are special parts of our lives that can′t be bought with money. The way the producers brought the past back to the present with their detail and care was probably why Reply 1997 is said to be so great. Photo credit: tvN
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