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Published on Oct 8, 2014 Cr. Lee Min-Ho - Kim Jong-Dae Kim Rae-Won - Yong-Ki Kim Ji-Su - Min Sung-Hee Seol Hyun - Kim Sun-Hye (Jong-Dae's younger sister) Lee Yeon-Doo - Joo So-Jung (Jong-Dae's lover) Gangnam Blues (Hangul: 강남블루스) is an upcoming South Korean noir action film written and directed by Yoo Ha. The film is set in the 1970s against the backdrop of the real estate development of Seoul's Gangnam district amidst socio-political turmoil. The friendship of two childhood friends is tested as they find themselves entangled in the collusion and battles between political powers and criminal organizations.
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can't wait😊💕
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This is like City Hunter meets New World.
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