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Novels, poetry, e-books and more aren't the only way of telling stories: there is also the sometimes forgotten tweet! David Mitchell, author of The Bone Clocks and a trending author this fall, showed this by writing one of his books, The Right Sort, in 280 tweets. This series of tweets tells a suspenseful tale about a boy named Nathan whose reality turns into a surrealist nightmare when he accompanies his mother to a piano recital. Are experienced authors the only ones who can prove that twitter is a good medium for short stories? I don't think so, and neither did Mashable. So, #MashReads, their book club, put on a competition and allowed people to tweet in their one tweet short stories. Check out some of the winners and runner ups in the images above!
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@hikaymm Exactly. Of course, I would prefer to read novels every day, but I dont' have a strong objection to the interest that reading a novel via twitter can have.
@greggr I've read Mitchell's twitter story and couldn't agree more!! Somehow, I felt like I was so anxious to keep going, more than with a book!
@hikaymm Indeed! Something about only getting 140 characters of a story makes the suspense it all much greater than can be achieved in the first sentence of a book, where you know you have more!
@greggr The "now, an only child one" seems somehow really, really dark.